Routine Appointments – Axbridge and Wedmore Medical Practice

Rou­tine Booked Appointments

If you wish to see a par­tic­u­lar doc­tor the recep­tion­ist will gen­er­ally offer you the next suit­able appoint­ment with that doc­tor. How­ever, you may be seen sooner if you are pre­pared to see whichever doc­tor is available.

If you have sev­eral prob­lems to dis­cuss, please ask for a longer appoint­ment as your doc­tor has a lim­ited amount of time for each con­sul­ta­tion and this will help pre­vent long waits for other patients. If more than one fam­ily mem­ber needs to see the doc­tor, please make a sep­a­rate appoint­ment for each person.