Appointments – Axbridge and Wedmore Medical Practice


All appoint­ments to see a nurse or doc­tor are made by tele­phon­ing the surgery on the fol­low­ing numbers:

Axbridge Surgery (01934) 732464
Wed­more Surgery (01934) 712774

Dur­ing nor­mal open­ing hours, your call will be answered by a recep­tion­ist, who will make an appoint­ment for you or arrange a tele­phone triage call from a GP. When the surgery is closed you will hear a recorded mes­sage explain­ing how you can con­tact the doc­tor in an emergency.

We also offer all our patients the facil­ity to book appoint­ments online. For those patients who already have an account for request­ing med­ica­tion online you will auto­mat­i­cally have access to this facil­ity already. If you would like to sign up for this ser­vice you can down­load a print­able appli­ca­tion form by click­ing here.

You may already know that we offer tele­phone con­sul­ta­tions for sit­u­a­tions when you just need to speak to the doc­tor and don’t nec­es­sar­ily need to come into the surgery.  This enables us to deal with your prob­lem or query quickly and saves you the time and trou­ble of hav­ing to travel into the surgery.

If you want to book a face to face appoint­ment with the doc­tor, you can.  The recep­tion­ist may ask your med­ical con­di­tion to make sure that it is not appro­pri­ate for you to have a tele­phone con­sul­ta­tion but you only have to say you want to come in and they will book that for you.  Also, do remem­ber that for some­thing that is not urgent, you can book ahead.  You don’t have to phone on the day you want to be seen.  Do remem­ber Mon­days and the day after a Bank Hol­i­day the tele­phones lines are very busy.  If you don’t need to con­tact the surgery on these days it is rec­om­mended you do so another day of the week when it will be less busy.  Keep­ing this in mind may save you time and frus­tra­tion if your query can wait.

There are some med­ical con­di­tions that do not require to be seen by a clin­i­cian, so please feel you can dis­cuss your med­ical con­di­tion with recep­tion staff who can advise some courses of action. For instance, uri­nary tract infec­tions are quite com­mon and there is no need to see a doc­tor or a nurse if you sus­pect you have a UTI.  You will be advised to bring a spec­i­men to the prac­tice by a cer­tain time of day, and a nurse will check it for infec­tion.  If a pre­scrip­tion is advised, this will be raised by a doc­tor and you only need to come to the surgery to col­lect it.  By get­ting advice from recep­tion staff, where appro­pri­ate, your time will be saved and unnec­es­sary appoint­ments won’t be booked.  Be assured, all infor­ma­tion dis­cussed and held in the prac­tice is con­fi­den­tial.  Recep­tion staff have been given train­ing and have vast knowl­edge of pro­ce­dures for cer­tain services.

There are cer­tain times of the year when appoint­ments will be in high demand due to sea­sonal ill­nesses.  Our recep­tion staff will do all they can to book a timely appoint­ment for you.  We kindly ask your patience with staff dur­ing these peri­ods of high demand and respect that every effort will be made to arrange an appro­pri­ate book­ing for you.

Urgent doc­tor appoint­ments – Tele­phone Triage

If your med­ical prob­lem is some­thing you feel needs to be dealt with on the day, please explain this to recep­tion staff and they will book a tele­phone appoint­ment for the doc­tor or senior nurse to call you within a few hours.  They will advise you, or make an appoint­ment for you on the same day, or within a few days.  Recep­tion staff will ask your med­ical con­di­tion, as this is requested by the GP.  If your med­ical con­di­tion is imme­di­ately urgent, a doc­tor will ring you back straight away

Extended hours surgeries

We also have extended hours where appoint­ments can be booked out­side nor­mal prac­tice hours.  These appoint­ments will need to be pre-booked.  These are avail­able at var­i­ous times dur­ing the week includ­ing week day evenings, early morn­ings and Sat­ur­day morn­ings.  Recep­tion staff will offer these appoint­ments when avail­able, do ask about these times.  Please see the surg­eries’ timeta­bles in the PRACTICE sec­tion.  Please note the tele­phones are not avail­able dur­ing extended hours surgeries.

Zero Tol­er­ance Policy

Staff treat­ing and deal­ing with patients have the right to work free from any threat or fear of abuse or violence.

The NHS nation­ally have agreed a Zero Tol­er­ance Pol­icy.  If any patient is abu­sive or vio­lent towards any mem­ber of staff or any other per­sons on the prac­tice premises, the prac­tice retains the right to have the patient removed from our list.

Please remem­ber that appoint­ments are for one per­son only and are nor­mally for 10 min­utes. If you feel you will need longer than this please tell the recep­tion­ist when you make the appoint­ment. Please make sure that you check in using our “Self Arrival” screen in the wait­ing room, or with the recep­tion­ist, on arrival. If you don’t we do not know you have arrived.

Online Appoint­ments

You can book an appoint­ment through Patient Access:

Log in to Patient Access click here.

If you have not used the ser­vice before and have received a let­ter from us with your PIN num­ber then you can reg­is­ter for an account.

Reg­is­ter a new account with your PIN let­ter click here.

Train­ing Practice

We are a train­ing prac­tice which means that you may be asked if you would like to see the Junior Doc­tor (in his/her sec­ond year after qual­i­fy­ing as a doc­tor) and they will be always super­vised by one of the GPs. You may also be asked if you mind a stu­dent being present ( or tak­ing part) in one of your vis­its to the doc­tor. The stu­dent may be a sixth for­mer who is apply­ing to med­ical school or more likely a cur­rent med­ical stu­dent from Bris­tol Uni­ver­sity. At any time you can decline this request and see a GP at the prac­tice in the usual way.